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The PSP Ld Leadership Dashboard is a practical tool for keeping leadership objectives and developmental initiatives front and center for greater visibility and follow-up, with a built-in feedback survey mechanism to provide objective data on developmental progress.

The Dashboard has four components:

1. Career Development Profile:
Your individualized Career Development Profile will highlight important competencies that have improvement needs. Each competency will have helpful suggestions that will help you master.

2. Survey Feedback:
Feedback from others in your organization can highlight weaknesses that might not be obvious to you in the crush of day-to-day responsibilities. Viewing these issues on the dashboard keeps them in the forefront of your mind.

3. Progress Monitoring:
The gauges on the dashboard allow you to compare feedback from previous surveys and also displays your progress on the developmental suggestions provided in your Career Development Profile.

4. Personal Goals (New!)
You can now add, edit, delete and monitor any personal or departmental goals that you may have. This provides a great way to track all of the important goals in your life in one convenient tool.

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